In response to falling queries, we decided to show how looks like iplementation of a small internal project with Froger Solutions in practice.

The company that agreed to appear in our material is the AC GEOgeo-site company from Andrychów.

The client, AC GEO company, is struggling with the problem of performing automatic backup of sensitive data. The client needs:

  • data storage on servers located geographically in Poland
  • encrypted storage
  • exclusivity in access to data.

Other, determined during the analysis, requirements are:

  • have a convenient way to deactivate the data access key / password in the case of losing a device with access to data
  • insight into current consumption of disk space
  • data must have at least RAID-1 replication
  • in case the storage space usage exceeding 90%, a notification should be sent to Froger Solutions in order to immediately reaction (to secure more disk space for data) and to notice the client about this fact.

We have also proposed our standard solution – convenient panel for error reporting. Errors / suggestions reported in this panel, goes directly to a dedicated project in GitLab, information about such a notification is automatically propagated to the company’s communicator and developers can react immediately.
We agreed with the client that the most convenient access point would be just such a panel, extended by previously determined functionalities.
Froger Solutions will be responsible for hosting.

The next step on the way to the implementation of the project is to create a dedicated project in GitLab, create and pass the access data and reporter account to the project panel to the client – the owner of the AC GEO company. From that moment, the client can actively participate, make suggestions, report errors, see the progress of work and check if the meeting notes are saved / interpreted in the right way.

In the next stage, the tasks were pre-planned, work time was estimated and the client accepted the sprint plan. We have also determined that we will complete all requirements and any minor changes during the sprint, which will take a maximum of 2 weeks (10 business days). We promised that the first delivery of functional software after just 8 business days, keeping the remaining two days for the customer, for verification and minor changes.

From that moment, Froger Solutions assumes the risk of more work load on the project – even in the event of a significant complexity of the solution, the price remain unchanged, because client pays for the delivered solution, not the software company’s development time. We guarantee that the price will stay as it was determined.

On the side of Froger Solutions, there will be an obligation to select and install and configure software responsible for synchronizing customer data with the server.

The owner of the company AC GEO, also asked for training in the use of software, and the preparation of simple how-to material about the configuration on his device. We have agreed that the installation of the client software and the training will take place at the customer’s headquarters, whereas the manual in PDF format will be included in the previously discussed error reporting panel.

In the next post, we will try to present the provided software, and describe how the project’s course looked like.