You need unique software that will suits your needs perfectly?

You need professional and comprehensive service that includes team speaking/interview, problem recognition, analysis, requirement preparations, development and implementation of solutions, training and support…

You do not need to know on technology, we know it for you.

We will provide any required help with purchase and configuration of cloud services or hardware, installation, integration as well as training for your team.

End with wrong or missed solutions. Due to dedicated board, you will be able to trace and change requirements live!

Live Bug Report – end users can take part in project by sending and suggestions/difficulties since the very beginning of the project, using built-in tool. We are notified about issues immediately, and you can see work progress in comfortable work board.

We do not require high payments in advance, and you can always change the declared number of sprints. You can always stop the project for a few months, or even give up – you will pay then only for the last active completed sprint …

You will receive a high quality product because we treat our work as a craft.

We deliver first usable solution after 1-2 sprints.